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Information for Students

ADM Internship Programme



For students who are enrolled before 2017/18, ADM provides an optional 10 weeks internship programme to all it’s 3rd year undergraduates. The internship commitment period runs in the third year , second semester from May – July annually.  Upon upon completion of the internship, students will be awarded 6 Academic Units (AUs) as part of their degree programme. Internship programme is considered as a UE for those enrolled before 2017/18.


Students enrolled from 2017/18 onward will undergo a 10 weeks compulsory internship at the end of their third year, in the second semester. The internship commitment period  will run from May – July. Upon successful completion of the 10 weeks internship, students will be awarded 5 AU as part of their course. The internship programme will be considered as a core prescribed elective (PE) for those who are enrolled from 2018/18 onward.

Students who are considering doing an overseas study exchange in their third year are advised to do so in the first semester in order not to interfere with the internship programme.

Please note that only internships taken up in the third year of the second semester as part of the ADM internship programme will be awarded the relevant AUs.

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