Githa Hariharan​

Githa Hariharan was born in Coimbatore, India, grew up in Bombay and Manila, and is now based in New Delhi. Her first novel, The Thousand Faces of Night (1992), won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for best first book in 1993. Her other novels include The Ghosts of Vasu Master (1994), When Dreams Travel (1999), In Times of Siege (2003), and Fugitive Histories (2009). A collection of short stories, The Art of Dying, was published in 1993, and a book of stories for children, The Winning Team, in 2004. Her latest book is a collection of essays, Almost Home: Cities and Other Places(HarperCollins India, 2014). She is an NTU-NAC Writer in Residence (International) for 2015.


Miguel Syjuco

Miguel Syjuco’s debut novel, Ilustrado, won the Man Asian Literary Prize and will be translated into more than 15 languages. Before coming to NTU as Writer-in-Residence, he was a Radcliffe Fellow at Harvard. The literary editor of the Manila Review, Miguel is a member of the Folio Prize Academy. His upcoming novel, I was the President’s Mistress!!, follows its female protagonist as she rises to the top of a fictional society based on the Philippines. ​He is an NTU-NAC Writer in Residence (International) for 2014-2015.