New Series of Workshops: INFO RESEARCH+

Join us for a new series of workshops from 28 February 2017. Participants will learn about the strategies for finding, managing, and sharing scholarly information widely and explore tools that will make the stages of information research easier, efficient, and rewarding for them.

Please refer to the following poster for more details.

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Expert Talk on Research Data Sharing from Digital Curation Centre (UK) – Friday, March 10th

Calling All Faculty and Research Staff,

We are very pleased to invite you to a talk by Mr. Kevin Ashley, Director of the Digital Curation Centre (UK), who will be speaking to the NTU community about research data sharing trends and practices in an increasingly open environment. The Digital Curation Centre is an internationally recognized centre of expertise in digital curation and data management, and so the talk promises to be highly relevant and useful to all researchers. We look forward to seeing you there.

Open Access Research Data Sharing: Why does it matter? How does it benefit you?
Date: 10 March 2017 (Friday)
Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm
Venue: LT6, Nanyang Technological University




Trial of Chinese eBook platforms- HyRead eBook & iRead eBook

NTU Libraries is currently conducting a trial of HyRead eBook & iRead eBook (華藝電子書) Chinese eBook platforms.

We would like to invite you to try out these two platforms and provide us with your feedback by using the online feedback form before 15 Feb 2017. Your valuable feedback is important and would help us to decide whether we should subscribe to these platforms.



About the database

HyRead eBook 电子书平台收录了大部分台湾出版的中文书籍,内容范围包含了人文及社会科学、语言及文学、宗教及心理学、科学技术、经济及金融、电脑及资讯科技、语言学习、医药与艺术设计等等。HyRead eBook 电子书平台提供全文检索,同时也支持iSO或Android 系统操作的智能手机与电子阅读器等设备的线上或下载阅读。

HyRead eBook is a platform for Chinese eBooks published in Taiwan. The collection covers a wide variety of subjects across the humanities & social sciences, language & literature, religion & psychology, science & technology, economics and finance, computer & IT, language learning, medicine, and art & design, etc. HyRead eBook platform provides full text searching and it is compatible with mobile devices using iSO or Android system for online or offline reading.

iRead eBook电子书平台提供台湾出版的中文书籍,内容范围包含了人文及社会科学、自然科学、考试用书、语言、文学与小说、艺术、商业管理、政府出版品等。此外,iRead eBook 也收录了中国大陆与新加坡等地出版的电子书。iRead ebook也提供引用格式的导出,支持全文检索、移动阅读以及打印。

iRead eBook platform provides access to Chinese ebooks mainly published in Taiwan. The collection covers subjects including Humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, textbooks, linguistics, literature and fiction, arts, business management & finance and Government publications, etc. In addition, iRead eBook also contains some ebooks published in China and Singapore. iRead eBook platform supports citation exporting for EndNote and RefWorks, full text searching, reading on the mobile devices and printing.

Trial access

To view the full text of the collection, Please access via the URL above and login with the following userID and password:

User ID: sntu001             Password: sntu001

To view the full text of 50 titles for this trial, please access via the URL above and click “Trial 試用專區”.

Online feedback form

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact