NTU students are required to participate in two information literacy programmes facilitated by the Library.

Information Literacy for Postgraduate Research Students

The Information Research and Management for Postgraduate Research Students seminar is a compulsory seminar aimed at providing all NTU postgraduate research students with a strong foundational knowledge of current resources, tools, methods, and practices in undertaking research in a digital environment.

The seminar is non-discipline specific in recognition of the growing interdisciplinary nature of research. This also allows students to connect with other new researchers outside of their own School.  Students will have the opportunity explore tools and resources related to their respective disciplines as part of the seminar. The seminar includes small group discussions and activities and encourages interactions amongst students.

Students will participate in activities, short quizzes, and polls as part of the seminar. These exercises also serve as assessments for the seminar in addition to an evaluation that students complete at the end of the seminar.


When do students take the seminar?

All new postgraduates need to complete the seminar during their first year of study.

How can I register for the seminar?

Go to our Workshops calendar, find the session that you would like to attend, and click on the link to “Details and registration.”

When will the seminars begin?

Seminars will begin the week of 10 October 2016. Visit our Workshops page for a schedule and to register.

How often is the seminar held?

The seminar is held 1-2 times weekly throughout the academic year.  Go to our Workshops page to see the currently scheduled seminars.

I’m a student – how will my College know that I’ve completed the seminar?

The Library will send lists of attendees back to the Colleges.

How long is the seminar?

Three hours – with breaks!


Information Literacy for Undergraduate Students

This programme is a curriculum-integrated, blended learning programme wherein all NTU students undertake two information literacy modules (Foundation and Advanced) during their 4 years of study. This ensures that all NTU students receive comparable information literacy instruction across programmes while allowing for disciplinary differences.

The programme is delivered in a blended learning format; students complete online pre and/or post class learning sequences that link with material addressed during face-to-face class time. The content covered in the modules stems from learning outcomes that are tailored to individual classes and, whenever possible, specific assignments.  Librarians collaborate with faculty to insure that content is meaningful for students and applicable to their coursework. During the workshop students participate in activities facilitated by the librarian to encourage engagement and
student-focused learning.

These modules include formative and summative assessments, and we use a common evaluation form in order to measure the usefulness of our sessions. These assessments are used to measure student learning and for continuous improvement of the sessions.


When do students take the seminar?

Students take the Foundation Module in year 1 or 2 followed by the Advanced Module in year 3 or 4.

I’m a student – how will my College know that I’ve completed the information literacy requirement?

Since the information literacy requirement for undergraduates is embedded in students’ programmes there’s no need to demonstrate completion of the Modules.

Who determines the courses where the information literacy programme is embedded?

Each College/School identifies relevant courses for the programme and communicates this to the Library.

I’m faculty – can I request for other information literacy and library research workshops to be offered in my courses?

Yes! We are happy to offer other course-integrated workshops.  Please contact your Subject Librarian or use our Request a Workshop form to begin arranging for such a workshop with a librarian.