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The Science Library supports the teaching and research in the Asian School of the Environment (ASE),  School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS) and School of Biological Sciences (SBS). Science librarians are assigned specific subject areas so as to better respond to your information needs. They also serve as a liaision between the library and the Science schools.

Our Science librarians are as follows:

Head, Science Library



Ms Samantha Ang
6790 5643 | samantha@ntu.edu.sg

Science Librarian (Biological Sciences)



Ms Er Bee Eng
6513 8673 | beeeng@ntu.edu.sg

Science Librarian (Chemistry)



Mr Frank Seah Eng Kiat
6316 8726 | frankseah@ntu.edu.sg

Science Librarian (Mathematical Sciences)



Ms Du Juan
6316 2906 | DuJuan@ntu.edu.sg

Science Librarian (Physics)



Mr Tham Jing Wen
6790 4689 | jwtham@ntu.edu.sg

Science Librarian (Earth Sciences) [Temporary]


Ms Samantha Ang
6790 5643 | samantha@ntu.edu.sg

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