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Where can you get your course text books?

Science course textbooks and reference books are located in the Reserves section at Lee Wee Nam Library.

Post - 2016 08 - reserves

Please take note that you can borrow the books in the Reserves section for only 2 hours. If you hold the book for more than 2 hours, you will need to pay $0.50 per hour for every extra hour.

However, if you borrow these books 2 hours before the Service Desk closes on weekdays, and at 10 am on Saturdays, you can return them by 11 am the next working day.

You can find the list of the text books here.

Behavioral interview questions Big 4 accounting firms ask

Behavioral interview questions are common fare now and according to the Vault blog post, these companies are challenging interviewees with questions such as

1. Bad Grade Question: Tell me about a time that you received a bad grade on a school assignment and how you dealt with the situation
2. Regret Question: Describe a significant regret and what you learned from it.
3. College Major Question: Tell me about your process of considering different majors/career paths
4. Coaching Question: Discuss ways you have coached or mentored others, or helped others to accomplish their goal

The blog post contains a list of 22 questions. Check them out and find out if you are familiar with them.

Vault is a career information provider and publishes career guides covering topics such as resumes and cover letters. interviewing & networking tips.  The NTU Libraries has an active subscription to Vault resources (print, videos) and we encourage our users to create an account to personalise their access to Vault.

Apps for your job search

Kristina Rudic’s recommendations, as posted on Vault blog, included

  • Business Card Reader
  • Clear
  • Google Voice
  • LinkedIn
  • LinkUp
  • Pocket Resume
  • What Color is your Parachute?

Vault, subscribed by NTU Libraries,  provides career information, tips and guides on resumes, cover letters, internships, interviewing, networking, etc.   There are more than 50 career guides covering industries such as banking and finance, oil and gas, pharma and healthcare, and IT.

Current Index to Statistics Will Become a Free Resource in 2017

Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) informed its customers that Current Index to Statistics (CIS) will become open to public with effect from January 1, 2017. It will remain open until December 31, 201, and will be shutdown in 2010.

After much consideration, the IMS came to this decision for the following reasons:
* Most of the relevant scientific bibliography is now covered by Google Scholar, which is free and well resourced.
* The world of scientific bibliography is increasingly technical computationally. Modern tools make processing of bibliographic data from publishers more efficient but also require investment in tools and expertise that are less feasible for a small project like CIS than for larger scale ones like broader bibliographic databases.
* Similar issues arise for search interface and functionality.

The IMS will continue to auto-update bibliographical data from larger publishers, but any data that was previously manually entered will not be updated.

CIS is currently accessible by NTU staff and students here. When it becomes to public on 1 January 2017, anyone can access it at