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Course Guides

Course guide for DD1004: Asian Art History

This guide was created for DD1004 Introduction to Art Histories II – Asian Art History for Semester 2 AY2016/17 in consultation with Asst Professor Sujatha Meegama. It introduces useful information resources and key information skills. Compiled by Phoebe Lim.

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Topics Guides

Resource Guide on Singapore History

Have you ever wondered how early Singapore is like? Or are you looking for images or information on buildings or things that are lost in Singapore? Here is a list of recommended resources that you may look into:   Books Independence : the history of graphic...

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These books represent a sampling of portraiture. Browse both historical and contemporary portraits. Discover portrait paintings, sculptures, and photography!

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Renaissance Art

A quick introductory guide on Renaissance art containing lists of survey titles, influential artists, and museums with substantial collections on renaissance art.

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Acknowledging sources

This guide is designed to give you an introduction to acknowledging sources. It provides links to other guides that will give you step-by-step instructions and guidelines to follow for specific citation styles.

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Copyright and art images

This brief guide is an introduction to copyright and art images. It is intended to present basic concepts and provide resources for further information. Read on to find out why the image below is my intellectual property, and what that means!

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Museums and Museology

This selection of books highlights great museums, with an emphasis not just on the artworks but on the museums themselves. Supplemented with several titles on museology, these books are a starting point for exploring a great cultural institution: the art museum.

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Landscape in Art

The library books listed here capture a snapshot of the diverse aspects and issues surrounding landscape painting.

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