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This guide is created by Melissa Man Pui Shan and maintained by Phoebe Lim Choon Lan.

“Illuminations” by Professor Vibeke Sorensen invites viewers to explore the connections between the organic and the digital. The sources and inspirations behind these “illuminated folding screens” reflect the diversity of subjects and disciplines that can be incorporated into the sphere of visual music.


This bibliography, compiled by Professor Vibeke Sorensen, gives us insight into the sources and inspirations behind “Illuminations.” The list of further resources provides resources for the viewer interested in exploring related topics. Place a hold on any of the items by clicking on a title from the list below.



Harmonograph: A visual guide to the mathematics of music

The world of Buddhism (The great civilizations)

Tibetan medicine cards: Illustration and text from the Blue Beryl Treatise of Sangye Gyamtso

The hidden connections: A science for sustainable living

Rhythms of life: The biological clocks that control the daily lives of every living thing

The rainbow book: Being a collection of essays and illustrations devoted to rainbows in particular and spectral sequences in general focusing on the meaning of color (physically & metaphysically) from ancient to modern times

Beyond golden clouds: Japanese screens from the Art Institute of Chicago and the Saint Louis Art Museum

The folding image: Screens by western artists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: Yale University Art Gallery, National Gallery of Art

The elements of music: Melody, rhythm, and harmony

The music of painting: Music, modernism and the visual arts from the Romantics to John Cage

Yinyang: The way of heaven and earth in Chinese thought and culture

Digital harmony: On the complementarity of music and visual art


Further Resources

Music: A mathematical offering

Visual music: Synaesthesia in art and music since 1900

Oskar Fischinger: Ten films

Meanings of abstract art: Between nature and theory

The digital musician

Norman McLaren

Norman McLaren: Master’s edition


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