Browsing the collection

The main book collection for medicine is located at Level 2 of the Annex building at LKCMedicine’s Novena campus on Mandalay Road. A smaller collection is also held at Level 4 of the Lee Wee Nam Library in NTU.

Below is a list of core subject areas in medicine with their call number ranges. Use these numbers to locate relevant books on the shelves.

Core Subject Area Call Number Range
Medicine and the humanities R702 – R703
Public Health. Hygiene. Preventive Medicine RA421 – RA790.95
Pathology RB
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology RC252 – RC282
Psychiatry RC435 – RC571
Internal Medicine RC581 – RC935
Geriatrics RC952 – RC954.6
Surgery RD
Ophthalmology RE
Otorhinolaryngology RF
Gynecology and obstetrics RG
Pediatrics RJ
Dentistry RK
Dermatology RL
Therapeutics. Pharmacology RM
Pharmacy RS
Chiropractic RZ201 – RZ275
Osteopathy RZ301 – RZ397.5

Searching for books

Do refer to our guide on how to search the NTU Library site for books.

Master the Library Catalogue

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More on call numbers

Call numbers may look random, but librarians follow certain rules when putting the call numbers together. If you understand how the library classifies its books, it will save you time when you are looking for books and help you to discover more books which you otherwise might have missed.

In NTU Libraries, we follow the Library of Congress Classification System (LC for short).