Gianluca EspositoPhD, Principal Investigator

GEDevelopmental and Clinical Neuroscientist qualified to advance the ongoing investigations on child psychopathology contributing strengths in human electrophysiology and neuroimaging, complex data modeling, and comparative physiological assessment with the aim of studying typical and atypical development. His specific focus is on the comparative physiology across mammalian species of mother-offspring interactions and their implication on psychopathology.

Paola Rigo, PhD, Senior Research Fellow

Paola received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience from the University of Trento (Italy) in 2013, researching the neurobiological bases of human parenting. She is interested in learning how factors linked to environmental and the contextual social situation shape caregivers’ responsiveness to children utilizing a variety of approaches spanning behavioral analysis, neuroimaging and electrophysiology. Paola is also a clinical psychologist and has been involved in several assessment protocols in adult and developmental neuropsychology during her clinical experience with University of Trento (Italy).

Bindiya Lakshmi

Bindiya is currently pursuing her Masters by Research in Psychology at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, NTU. She has obtained her Bachelors in Psychology (Honors) from James Cook University and has worked in various research backgrounds investigating resilience, sleep and it’s effects on memory, motivation, and fatigue. Her research interests lie in understanding the neurological and electrophysiological basis of human behaviour. She will be studying neuroelectrophysiology of mother-infant interactions, her main interest being mother-infant sleeping arrangement and its effect on infants’ calming response. Apart from doing research, Bindiya enjoys dancing, and making short films for science communication!

Nur Atiqah Bte Azhari

Hello! I am a final-year undergraduate student reading a double major in Biological Sciences and Psychology. My interest lies in uncovering the neural and biological correlates of resilience throughout development. Specifically, I would like to learn how risk and protective factors interact with and influence our biological systems to determine resilience.


Sylvia Chen

sylviachenA second-year Psychology student with a keen interest in Biological Sciences. I have always been interested to understand how human minds work, especially how physiological activities can contribute to daily behaviour. More specifically, in my project, I will be exploring how physiological arousals (measured by EEG) and behavioural responses relate to preferences for in-group and out-group (different ethnicity). I hope I will be able to acquire strong methodological skills on physiological measurements through this research experience!

Ang Bee Hoon

Bee150Hello! I am Bee Hoon, a Year 2 Psychology student who is currently working on an URECA Project in the SAN Lab. My project involves the examination of how an individual’s early relationship with his or her parent can affect later adult relationships. More importantly, through the use of techniques such as EEG (Electroencephalogram) and fNiRS (Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy), I hope to unveil real brain responses with regards to such interactions.


Valerie Teo Huanq

UntitledHello, my name is Valerie Teo. I am a final year psychology undergraduate in NTU, currently working on my Final Year Project. My interest is in the field of interpersonal relationships and social interactions. Therefore, this led to the project I am working on, “Patterns of Synchrony in Neural Activity and Heart Rate among Romantic Partners”. In this study, I hope to examine if there are any relations between the different degree of closeness between romantic partners and the pattern of synchrony in their neural activity and physiological responses. Mainly, I will be utilizing NIRS (near-infrared spectroscopy) and Heart Rate Monitor Strap as instruments to for data collection. Through this project I hope I am able to gain insight about love dynamics and neuroscience and more understanding how can this impact relationship functioning and quality.

Mengyu Lim

UntitledHello, I’m Mengyu, a second-year Psychology student from NTU. I am interested in understanding how reading poetry can affect one’s level of empathy, and applying this information towards improving the cognitive and affective aspects of empathy in others through literary appreciation. As part of my URECA project, I will be using EEG (electroencephalogram) to detect brain activity while reading poetry!

Michelle Neoh

DSCN5935I am Michelle Neoh, a Year 2 Psychology student doing a second major in Biological Sciences and I am interested in learning more about neuroscience and its relationship with social interactions and envrionment. In this research project, I want to find out more about the effects of perceiving different displays of affection on the neuroactivity of individuals using EEG (ElectroEnCephalogram) and NiRS (Near-InfraRed Spectroscopy).

Pei Yu Tan

PeiYu150Currently a final year Psychology and Biological Sciences undergraduate in School of Humanities Social Sciences of Nanyang Technological University, Pei Yu is interested in the biological foundation underlying social interactions between humans. As her Final Year Project, Pei Yu is currently studying the differences in electrophysiological responses towards displays of romantic, friendly, and familial affections.


Pham Thanh Tam

Tam2My research interest lies in the cognitive development of young children, especially children at the early age of infant and toddlers. Currently, the focus of my research is in the language acquisition of young children as I am working on a project that aims to investigate the optimal condition of parent-child interaction to facilitate novel language acquisition. I am also broadly interested in child psychopathology.

Menakah Thiagaras

Mena150Hello, my name is Menakah D/O Thiagaras. I am a final year psychology undergraduate in NTU, currently working on my Final Year Project. My interest is in the field of interpersonal relationships and neuroscience. The project that I am currently working on is “Mother and daughter bonding: Differences in brain activation patterns when looking at old photographs of mothers as compared to recent ones.” I hope to examine the brain activation patterns when daughters are shown past and recent photographs of their mothers and if there are any differences in the patterns. For this project, I will be mainly utilizing the NIRS (near-infrared spectroscopy) device and Heart Rate Monitor Strap as instruments to for data collection. Through this project, I hope to gain insight into the affiliation between mothers and daughters.

Ng Li Ying

NgLi150Hey! My name is Ng Li Ying, a Year 2 undergraduate studying Psychology and Biological Sciences (2nd Major). I am interested in the general field of neuroscience, more specifically, gender identity, and the the differences and similarities between how different genders interact.  Currently investigating physiological response of couples when watching different types of video. Through this study, I hope to identify which emotion is most in synchronization between couples, possible reasons why and how does this contribute to relationship quality.

Lijun Shirley Zhang

Zhang Lijun Shirley150I am currently a master student in Psychology. My primary research interest lies in understanding the brain processes underlying the field of social interaction using neuroimaging techniques. I am also interested in the field of social moral reasoning in infancy.