Research Grants

Principal Investigator

  • Ministry of Education Tier 1 Grant/S$81,930.30/2016-2019: “Scientists as Public Intellectuals: Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST)”
  • National Research Foundation (NPRP) Grant/S$954,447.60/2016-2019: “PONdER: Public Opinion of Nuclear Energy”
  • Media Development Authority AEP Grant/S$94,800/2014-2017: “Digital Media Literacy: Cyber Wellness of Singapore Youths and Adults”
  • Ministry of Education Tier 1 Grant/S$99,800/2013-2016: “Cyberbullying and Parental Mediation Strategies: A Comparative Assessment of Children and Teenagers”
  • NTU 50K Research Cluster Grant/S$50,000/2013-2015: “Environmental Sustainability Among Multiple Stakeholders; Communication As The Basis of Social Capital, Collective Action And Policy Support”
  • NTU RCC 3K Grant/ S$3,000/2012-2013: “Predicting Media Effects on Disordered Eating Attitudes and Behaviors Among Singaporean College Women: An Analysis of Social Norms”
  • NTU RCC 3K Grant/ S$3,000/2012-2013: “Framing Effects on Risk Perception and Public Support of Emergent Technologies”
  • NTU RCC 5k Grant/S$5,000/2012-2013: “The Influence of Presumed Media Influence on Healthy Lifestyle Messages: An Explication of Personal, Proximal, and Distal Social Norms”
  • NTU RCC 5K Grant/S$5,000/2011-2012: “Mass Media, Social Norms, and Public Pro-Environmental Attitudes and Behavior”
  • NTU Incentive Scheme for the Development of Competitive Grant/S$5,000/ 2011-2013: “A Cross-Cultural Comparison and Examination of Factors on Perceptions, Knowledge, and Attitudes toward Issue of Global Climate Change”
  • NTU RCC 3K Grant/ S$3,000/2011-2012: “Advancing the Cognitive Mediation Model: A Study on Singaporeans’ Knowledge of Climate Change and Environmentally Conscious Behaviors”
  • NTU RCC 5k Grant/S$5,000/2011-2012: “The Knowledge Gap Theory and Public Understanding of Breast Cancer”
  • NTU RCC 15K Grant/S$14,990/2010-2011: “Mass Media, Public Opinion and Controversial Science: A Cross-Cultural Examination”
  • NTU RCC 5K Grant/S$4,950/2010-2011: “Expanding on the Cognitive Mediation Model: Understanding the Motivations behind Learning about the H1N1 Pandemic”
  • NTU Start-Up Grant (SUG)/S$30,000/2009-2011: “Advancing the Spiral of Silence Theory”


  • National Research Foundation (BSEWWT)/Amount TBC/ Co-PI/ 2017-2020: “Making Recycling Fun in Singapore”
  • NTU-Harvard School of Public Health Initiative for Sustainable Nanotechnology/ S$813,400/ Co-PI/ 2017-2020: “Target-specific Gastro-intestinal Delivery of Nano- Nutraceuticals and Nano-modulating Systems for Reducing Absorption of Unwanted Substances – A Sustainable Approach” (Note: Co-PI share of S$210,400 assigned to study public perception of nanofood.)
  • Workplace Safety and Health Institute/ S$1,537,536/ Sub-Project PI/ 2017-2020: “A Baseline, Cross-Sectional and Intervention Study Investigating Individual, Cultural and Organisational Factors Influencing Ownership of Workplace Health and Safety Leading to a Mindset Change and Actions.”
  • Defence Science Organisation/ S$244,560/Co-PI/2017-2020: “Social Media in Civic Engagement (SMICE)”
  • Ministry of Health Competitive Grant/ S$648,800/ Co-PI/ 2011-2014: “Can digital technology be in the frontline battle for Obesity: A Multi-platform Assessment of the Role of Digital Technology in the communication of health information and health education of young Singaporeans”
  • Ministry of Education Tier 1 Grant/S$78,784/Co-PI/2014-2017: “Understanding Singaporeans’ Attitudes toward Homosexuality and Perceptions of Media Portrayals of Lesbians and Gays: A Longitudinal Investigation”
  • Ministry of Education Tier 1 Grant/S$79,760/Co-PI/2014-2017: “The Role of Socialization Agents in Adolescents’ Responses to Mobile Marketing: A Consumer Socialization Perspective”
  • Ministry of Education Tier 1 Grant/S$89,460/Co-PI/2014-2016: “Evaluating Efficacy of a Cyberbullying Intervention Programme for Children Under Age 13 in Changing their Online Attitudes toward Cyberbullying”
  • NTU College of Engineering Flagship Program Initiative Grant/S$80,000/Co-PI/2013-2015: “Understanding the Social, Environmental and Health Impact of Nanomaterials”
  • NTU 50k Research Cluster Grant/S$50,000/Co-PI/2012-2014: “Digital Technology for Health Interventions: Extending Scientific Knowledge to Adult and Regional Populations”
  • NTU RCC 15K Grant/ S$15,000/Co-PI/2010-2011: “H1N1 and its Narratives: A Study in Health Communication”
  • NTU RCC 15K Grant/ S$7,770/Co-PI/2010-2011: “Understanding Public Perceptions of Homosexuals and Attitudes toward Media Portrayals of Homosexuals in Singapore”