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Parenting Tips on Infant and Child Development

The next Smart Baby Seminar will be on the 16th October 2016, Sunday at the NTU Novena Campus, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine.

Join Singapore’s top infant scientists for a fun and informative workshop about the latest findings in infant science, with plenty of tips and tricks about how you can best nurture your child’s development.


Online registration is now closed, however, walk-in registration is available from 9.30-10.00am.

16th October Seminar

Theme: Positive Parenting and Positive Development in Children

Time: 10am-1pm (9.30-10am Registration)
Venue: NTU Novena Campus, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine Lecture Theatre, 11 Mandalay Road
Cost: $20 per adult
(Bring your partner* and children for free!)
Coffee and refreshments provided.

*spouse, friend, family member


Guest Speaker: Dr. Marc H. Bornstein
National Institute of Health
Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)


Things do not always go well in child development. Policy makers, educators, and parents share the laudable and well-intentioned goal to develop preventions, interventions, and remediations in the service of children.   The main mode of these ministrations has been to repair disrupted or broken childhoods. However, treatment is not just fixing what is broken, it might be nurturing what is best.  Pathologizing is not the only path to preventing or remediating disorders. A positive future orientation turns the spotlight on the development and promotion of things that are positive.  Developmental success might be ensured by building a foundation of individual competencies.

My talk to parents, first, defines positive characteristics and values in children and, second, outlines how parents can help children achieve them.


Dr. Marc H. Bornstein is Senior Investigator and Head of Child and Family Research in NICHD. The NICHD investigates dispositional, experiential, and environmental factors that contribute to physical, mental, emotional, and social development in human beings
across the first two decades of life. The ultimate aims of the research programs in NICHD are concerned directly with promoting aware, fit, and motivated children who, as a hopeful eventuality, will grow into knowledgeable, healthy, and happy adults.



Coffee and Registration




Positive Parenting and Positive Development in Children

by Dr. Marc Bornstein (NIH)


Tea Break


Panel Q&A


Dr. Marc Bornstein

(Editor of Handbook of Parenting and Parenting: Science and Practice)

Dr. James Brad Hale

(NTU Visiting Professor, Child Neuropsychology)

Dr. Gianluca Esposito

(NTU Assistant Professor, Developmental Neuroscience)

Dr. Peipei Setoh

(NTU Assistant Professor, Child Development)


NTU Novena Campus

Lecture Theatre, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

11 Mandalay Road

MRT stop: Novena

Lecture Theatre, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Could I bring my children along?
A: Yes, this is a child-friendly event. There will be hot water and a changing room (second floor) available. We will set up a little children’s area where your children can play a little if they prefer.

Q: Do I need to register?
A: Yes. Registration is highly recommended so ensure you have a seat for the seminar. Also it assists us greatly in figuring out catering numbers. We are opening to register attendance from 9.30am – 10am, so please arrive before 10am to ensure that you receive your goody bags!

Q: What is the schedule like? Will there be lunch?
A: There will be a talk and a panel discussion with experts so the audience could ask questions that they might have. We are looking forward to lots of interaction. Knowing that parents are the most hardworking bunch, there will be coffee, tea and refreshments provided.

Smart Baby Seminar

is co-sponsored by the

Centre of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

and jointly organised by

the Division of Psychology and Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies