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The next Smart Baby Seminar will be on the

24th September 2016, Saturday


16th October 2016, Sunday


Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (Novena).

More details to follow.

24th September Seminar


Guest Speaker: Dr. Barbara Landau
Johns Hopkins University
Dick and Lydia Todd Professor; Director, Science of Learning Institute

Dr. Barbara Landau is a cognitive scientist with broad interests in human cognition and its development.  Dr. Landau’s research focuses on the mental representation of space and language, its acquisition, its use in adulthood, and its compromise under neurological damage due to brain injury or genetic abnormalities.

16th October Seminar


Guest Speaker: Dr. Marc H. Bornstein
National Institute of Health
Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)

Dr. Marc H. Bornstein is Senior Investigator and Head of Child and Family Research in NICHD. The NICHD investigates dispositional, experiential, and environmental factors that contribute to physical, mental, emotional, and social development in human beings
across the first two decades of life. The ultimate aims of the research programs in NICHD are concerned directly with promoting aware, fit, and motivated children who, as a hopeful eventuality, will grow into knowledgeable, healthy, and happy adults.


Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (Novena)
11 Mandalay Road, Lecture Theatre

Smart Baby Seminar Location

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