Koh Wen Jun Paul Enoch

Class of 2016

Final Year Project(s)

Emergency at NTU ADM Portfolio

During the Malayan Emergency, an angry young man, caught between the Communist guerillas fighting in the jungle and the British, desperately struggling to hold on to Malaya; finds out the true cost of independence.

Enigma at NTU ADM Portfolio

HANNAH, a young woman, has been unemployed for a period of time. She seeks help from her close childhood friend, AARON, who has a successful career, in finding a job so as to pay off her rent arrears.

One fateful night, Hannah is supposed to meet Aaron in hopes of him giving her a favourable reply from her job application. Unfortunately, he goes completely AWOL and stood her up in the cafe. Hannah got distracted as she makes her way home and knocks down someone in the process. She tries to cover up the hit and run accident by confessing to Aaron the following day and enlists his help to get rid of the body together.

However, she soon finds out that things do not always appear what they seem when she is forced to face her darkest fears amidst the turmoil of events that ensue.

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