Lydia Alexkartadjaja

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

More than Unskilled: An Exploration of the Talents of  Migrant Workers in Singapore at NTU ADM Portfolio

Migrant workers are often reduced to be being seen as unskilled workers whose presence are transient. They often receive unjust treatment from some members of the society. Perhaps, there are more can be done to mitigate this misconception, and to create more empathy towards migrant workers through art.

“More than Unskilled” explores the hopes, pain and aspirations of migrant workers in Singapore through their artistic works. Through a contextual understanding and investigation of a sketch artist, a poet and a music band’s creative making process, the project aims to challenge the perception of migrant workers in Singapore of their ‘unskilled’ façade to individuals with aspirations, talents and dreams.

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