Mabel Ho May Poh

Class of 2015

Final Year Project(s)

DWAM at NTU ADM Portfolio

“Have you ever analysed things to the degree where you can’t really remember the difference between what’s real and what you’ve created in your head?” – Edie Sedgwick

The motivation behind DWAM started off as a reflection of thoughts and memories of the artist’s relationship with someone close. The work is a sort of ineffable art work that tries to set a mood for the audience and capture the fleeting emotional states. It cannot be expressed in ordinary discussion. As John Dewey puts it: “not all meanings and feelings could be expressed by words and if it does, then art and music does not exist”. The reason for ineffability is not that the ideas could not be articulated well but the exact feeling and emotion cannot be conveyed through literal language.

Falling into a dream-like state, one could develop delusions at the same time maintaining one’s sanity. DWAM seeks to capture the very moment consisting of a recollection of memories before the instant one is flung into a state of disconnection with the space. The work is hallucinogenic, dark and has a type of duality that finds various ways to express itself: ubiquitous, diachronic, microscopic, macroscopic and abstract versus realism.

Selected Coursework(s)

Nature’s Paradise at NTU ADM Portfolio

Nature’s Paradise (2014)

Living in an extremely fast-pace lifestyle we have forgotten the nature. Yet as human beings we are made to live in the realm of nature, to constantly be surrounded by it and interact with it. The most intimate part of nature in relation to man is the biosphere, the thin envelope embracing the earth, its soil cover and everything else that is alive turning it into a paradise; bringing a state of awareness of life as a perfect whole.

In this piece, selected bizarre looking plants are imaginatively co-existing with us, providing radiant energy of the finest quality: a Nature’s Paradise as bold, beautiful and almost phantasmagorical. If we lose it, we lose our life.

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