Poh Zi Xian

Class of 2016

Final Year Project(s)

Hokkien Me at NTU ADM Portfolio

In every nationality, there will definitely be different groups and communities that speak their own dialects and practice the dialect’s cultures. These are usually common among the elderly or the older generations in present day. Due to modernization, these dialects begin to diminish and are at the risk of disappearing from the younger generations. Hokkien Me is an animation that explores the fusion of personal experiences and motion graphics where elements are created from memory for the film. The film aims to create an interest in learning and preserving the diminishing dialects by creating connections between the audience and their past.

Selected Coursework(s)

In(Visible) at NTU ADM Portfolio

In(Visible) (2014)

According to the cell theory developed by Matthias Jakob Schleiden and Theodor Schwann in 1893, all organisms such as humans, animals and plants are composed of one or more cells. As such, cells are fundamental to any living organisms yet invisible to our naked eyes. We remain oblivion to the existence of the invisible structures. As the viewers stand in front of the banner, they are being submerged in the magnified and vibrant world of cells. To enhance the experience as being part of cells, looking up from the bottom of the banner creates an illusion as if the cells are falling into the viewers creating a lasting and impactful impression.

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