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Fabrizio Galli

Fabrizio Galli, Architect and Product Designer, is currently a Visiting Artist at ADM, the School of Art, Design and Media in NTU. He began his teaching career at Nanyang Technological University Singapore in 2008 and previously he has been lecturing since 2003 as Design Professor at IDAS (International Design School for Advanced Studies) Hongik University, Seoul, Korea. Fabrizio started his professional career as a freelance Design Consultant in 1994, designing products for several worldwide known companies including Benetton Group, Cinelli, Magis, Motorola, Moleskine, Olivetti and Swatch. He also had continuative collaborations with Giorgio Galli & Partners and with Emilio Ambasz IDEA Group. Fabrizio began his design training from 1990 with Mario Bellini in Milano and he graduated as Architect from University of Florence, Italy in 1983.