Kathrin Albers

With a background in illustration Kathrin Albers has worked as a director, animator and designer on various projects and at different animation studios for a long time. Most of them in her favorite technique: stop motion!
Between 2002 – 2014 she has been making her own short films, trailers, music videos, titles and occasionally adverts under the label Stoptrick. This film “Whodunnit??”, made in traditional puppet animation and shot in stereoscopic 3D, is their last collaboration. It had its premiere at International Trickfilm Festival in Stuttgart in 2014.
Her works has been shown at many festivals worldwide and have won many prizes including the German Economic Film Award, the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Short Film Award, 2 awards at the Art Director’s Club (ADC) and a Clio.
As an assistant professor for digital animation Kathrin is part of ADM since 2012.

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