Peter Chen

Peter is an architect, design educator, sculptor and photographer. Having worked as an architect since 1995, his work has covered territory ranging from large scale institutional projects to small scale design-intensive work, from sculpture to urban furniture. His experience extends beyond the traditional confines of architecture to include furniture, photography, sculpture and urbanism, and all else in between.
His current work takes him into the realm of conceptual furniture, urban memory and photography, all of which attempt to reveal the disjunction between the idealized aspects of intentions and its constructed double. Ongoing projects include Postcards from the Disposable City, a project that uses the medium of postcards for exploring the memory of the monuments and landscapes in the city, and Personal State: Decoding the Condition of Collective Memory, a photographic project as the recipient of the Architecture and Design Excellence Award 2012 and The Bench Project – an urban furniture project commemorating the old National Stadium.

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