Poo-Pun Siu Kay, Peggy

Peggy Poo-Pun Siu Kay began her career as a graphic designer in New York City. After settling in Singapore, she worked as a Senior Producer/Director/ Executive Producer at the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC). Her 12-year tenure at SBC saw her producing a number of documentaries; art, culture, and children’s series. A Century in Dance won her an award at the TV Programmes Festival in Moscow. Upon joining Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, she worked as a Senior Media Specialist, and later as Senior Deputy Director at the Centre for Educational Development. In the last fourteen years, Siu Kay has been conducting General Studies electives in visual art, creative thinking in design and moving images. Presently at the School of Art, Design and Media at NTU, she conducts Aesthetic and Creative Techniques in the Moving Images; Aesthetic and Creative Use of the 2D Media; and Creative Thinking in Design Solutions.

Student Final Year Projects Supervised (2)

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