Randall Packer

Since the 1980s, multimedia artist, composer, writer and educator Randall Packer has worked at the intersection of interactive media, Internet art and culture, and live performance. He has received international acclaim for his socially and politically infused critique of an increasingly technological society. Packer is also a writer and scholar in new media, most notably the co-editor of Multimedia: From Wagner to Virtual Reality and the author of his long running blog: Reportage from the Aesthetic Edge. He is currently a Visiting Associate Professor at the School of Art, Design & Media at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, where he teaches networked art practice. At NTU, he is developing Open Source Studio (OSS), an educational project exploring collaborative online research and teaching in the media arts. He is the recipient of a recent award from Museums and the Web for the best educational site of 2014, an online course created for the Museum of Modern Art.

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