Daphne Cheng

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

The Everyday Bag- One bag; multiple ways to use it at NTU ADM Portfolio

In Singapore, up to 824,600 tonnes of plastic waste are generated each year. My project focuses on recreating the design of a bag, which shifts towards a more sustainable production process, with materials chosen to reduce wastage to the environment. Hence, materials such as recycled plastic bags and PET bottles are incorporated in the project to give environmentally-conscious consumers an option to look into when purchasing a bag.

The design of the bag aims to bring convenience and versatility to users on a everyday basis, whereby there are 7 different ways of carrying the bag. In which, users can expand and reduce the size based on their agenda for the day. Therefore, the everyday bag is suitable for almost all occasions, which it incorporates origami folds and magnets to give its expandable and retractable features.

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