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Kaizer Thng Kai Siang

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

Such is Life at NTU ADM Portfolio

A story of two undertakers, one young and new to the job, the other old and dehumanized.

“Such Is Life” is a short film project with an initiative to diversify and expand the range of genre stories told in Singapore. Drawing inspiration from theater and satire, it is a genre bending narrative consisting of dark comedy, tragic comedy and drama that focuses on themes of life and death, young and old, authority, ethics and values.

Timekeeper 時 • 分 at NTU ADM Portfolio

Timekeeper (時 • 分) is a short film about the chanced meeting of Hock and Anna. Hock, a retired watchmaker, enjoys collecting obsolete objects because he treasures the value in them. When 11-year-old Anna visits Hock’s quirky shop house by surprise, an affinity is quickly formed between the pair as Hock reminisces and shares his past. Revisiting Hock’s memory lane, they discover about a memento that connects them together.

Johnny at NTU ADM Portfolio

 “Johnny” starts off featuring a young man named Johnny who woke up in his room, surrounded by his family members (Jennifer, Johnny and Dad). Covered in bandages and bruises, Johnny struggles to get up and appeared to be suffering from a short term amnesia. He learned from his sister, Jennifer, that he had been in a coma for days after being involved in a brutal car accident.

 Even though Johnny was steadily recovering, he could only move around the house in a wheelchair. Jennifer, as a protective big sister, took special care of her brother and seldom allowed him to move around unsupervised. Confined and oppressed, Johnny started growing suspicious about the people in the household and the information he had been fed with.