Ngian Xuan Rong

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

Quest of Love at NTU ADM Portfolio

Quest of Love is an experimental documentary that explores the notions of love. The film discusses the role of fate and time in romantic relationships and hope to find answers to the simplest yet most difficult questions in life.

If Today was your Last Tomorrow at NTU ADM Portfolio

This project attempts to discuss on what death and remembrance mean to different individuals. The living portraits in this exhibition (executed using cinemagraphs), aim to open a discourse around cultural funerals rites, remembrance and respect on our individuality. As we abide by our religious traditions and practices, how are we diluting our identity in retrospect? This project intends to breach the dimensions of the living and dead by using suggestive funerary portraiture to invoke thoughts in viewers – Are funerals really for the dead, or for the living? The mirror in the assembly invites the viewers to welcome the idea of discussions about death and reflect on their personal practices.


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