Lew Li Ling

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

The Tuwabin’s Journey at NTU ADM Portfolio

The Tuwabin’s Journey is a motivational visual narrative that aims to encourage the development of perseverance in young children. This project is designed to target children under the age of 9, exploring how illustration can help discuss and communicate the importance of perseverance, which will be useful when encountering issues stemming from potential challenges that children are bound to face on their journey to adulthood.

This illustrated story features a Tuwabin who was born different, and lacks its racial ability to change colours. He learns from an elder that as long as he manages to find a certain object in the sea, he can regain his innate ability. In order to find that crucial piece, he sets off on a journey, going through difficulties yet pressing on resolutely without giving up. In the end his determination pays off and he attains the goal he longed for, depicting him changing into striking colours such as his favourite luminous green.

Through this project, I hope to encourage a ‘can-do’ spirit so that children will grow up learning to build grit, focus, and achieve their goals, providing a foundation that helps lead them to a more positive outlook.

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