Toh Jian Shing Adonis

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

KUURO at NTU ADM Portfolio

Deafness is an invisible disability – one that cannot be visually detected, as compared to the physically disabled. Yet, life is not any easier for the hearing impaired. According to the World Health Organization, just over 5% of the world’s population – around 360 million people – suffer from disabling hearing loss.

KUURO is a wearable product system, with the ideal to bridge communication between the hearing-impaired and the hearing world. The core neckband is sleek, and elegantly designed to give the hearing impaired a “sense of security”, also allowing them to “feel” sound. Specifically designed to aid these people to live independently, KUURO will gift them the luxury of an ordinary lifestyle.

KUURO‘s design to translate sound into coloured lights relies on the wearer’s situation and surrounding he/she is in. The electret microphones fixed within will detect the location of a sound, and determine if the situation is “regular” or “dangerous”. They then relay the information to the wearer, through specially positioned vibration motors.

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