Mohammed Malik Bin Abdul Karim

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

One Hour Two Dollar Short Film at NTU ADM Portfolio

The film is about a boy who hides away in an internet cafe after closing time,  and the old man who owns it. The two of them are forced to come to terms with their own situations, when the shop has to close for good.

Over the course of one night in the shop, these two characters get close and change their perspectives about each other. This film aims to show how running away does not solve any problems.


Boys Don't Dance at NTU ADM Portfolio

Boys Don’t Dance is a narrative film that both questions and celebrates the right of individuality in a conformist and homophobic society through the eyes of a queer boy named Ono.

Ono aspires to be a ballet dancer but it is quite impossible in his society. He is in love with one of his school’s athletes, Ryan, who is in love with him back but doesn’t want to be found out. One day, after getting beaten up by Ryan’s teammates, Ono falls into another world and meets a group of circus performers who show him that he can be whoever he wants to be.

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