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Nina Melanie Kong Yen Yen

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)


We all visit bars for different reasons. Going to a bar is more than just simply leaving your house; it is about jumping into another world, a place filled with magic. The rapidly evolving bar industry is experiencing a fashionable shift from the classic cocktail offerings to a new trend called mixology, consisting of sophisticated cocktails coupled with personalised experiences.

This project aims at designing a movable bar unit that can be used for temporary events addressing this new trend.

MIX ’N’ MOVE is not just a movable bar, but a movable cocktail experience. It aims to prove that reducing a bar to a movable unit does not mean losing the experience and essence of what visiting a bar entails.

MIX ’N’ MOVE has been designed to strike a balance between functionality and user experience. It finds its arena with mood and colours, both of which hold significant power in forming connections between experiences and products. With the ability to serve 200 people for the duration of a medium sized event, MIX N MOVE, is a dynamic bar unit that allows one or more mixologists to hold the power to inspire feelings and moods and to influence customers’ experiences.