Yue Si Min

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

Miru Backpack at NTU ADM Portfolio

In today’s society, people are fashion and image conscious where they easily change their bags for fashion or utility. This constant changing of bags would prompt numerous transfer of their essential items, in doing so, causing them to miss out and forget some essential item.  An analysis of the problem indicates that most of them are small and hard to look for in their bags and their fast paced lifestyles does not allow time for them to check for each item.

Thus, this series of bags aims to target forgetfulness in bring daily essentials by utilizing a modular system, colour coding and window for fast viewing of their items. The modular system utilizes a detachable organiser where one can easily transfer their daily essentials from one bag to another. A basic colour coding system of red, green and yellow indicated through the zippers of the organisers also helps the user to associate the colour coded compartment with the items they place every day, allowing for easier recognition of the items they miss out. The small laser cut windows on the bags allow the users to easily view the items in the organiser and to recognize the items they miss out in placing. They are also carefully designed to allow for only the user to view the items in the organiser, taking in consideration the user’s need for privacy.

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