basirah rafid

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

Alami at NTU ADM Portfolio

Many of us goes the extra length to protect our body and health by eating organic/healthy food and exercising. However we are unaware and take little concern of toxic and chemicals that are exposed in our clothing. Our skin is the largest organ and it absorbs about 60% of products applied to it.The chemicals used in our conventional clothings can diffuse through our skin and cause harm to our health in the long run. In a fast fashion world that we are living in,clothes that we wear have an untold story behind its manufacturing process. Lives are lost and environments are sacrificed for the sake of fashion. My project focuses on sustainability through habits of organic clothing and have a positive balanced outcome for both consumers and the environment.

Alami is a kids clothing line that creates awareness and showcases the idea of sustainability through choice of material and the design of the textile. There are three collections of clothes in the line and they aim to nurture the habit of eco clothing at a young age and get the kids to be comfortable to the tactility of natural fabric. The collections recreate nature in the product through the design of the textile. Besides using organic fabric (bamboo fabric), natural ingredients are also used to dye the garments.  Parents play a huge role in influencing their kids choices so with these collections of natural dyes and bamboo fabric, the new generation can pick up this habit and continue to choose eco friendly clothing over non eco friendly ones in times to come.

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