Chan Zi Xin (shermaine)

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

The Becoming at NTU ADM Portfolio

The Becoming is a 12 minute long, sci-fi experimental short film co-directed by me and Evelyn Ng. This film is about a young girl who blindly sinks into an endless cycle of pursuing perfection after she undergoes a beauty test called, “The Becoming”  which determines one’s worth in the society.The main message of this film primarily focuses on the objectification of women and the endless,futile pursuit of beauty.

Paper Roof at NTU ADM Portfolio

Paper Roof is a short film about two young sisters running away from home to build a cardboard house together. Our film highlights the intricacy of sisterly relationships and sees the world through the eyes of the children, and how they take things into their own hands when faced with family problems.

Selected Coursework(s)

A Fool’s Daydream at NTU ADM Portfolio

A Fool’s Daydream (2016)

Our daydreams reveals our innermost desires , goals , conflicts , fears and offer us temporary escape . It is our unqiue self to self channel of communication. Often , we daydream about things we want to acquire , be it romance , fame , money as we all want things we cannot get. Ultimately , what we want might not be the best for us . This work demostrates the sweet descend into this deceptive and toxic world we call our daydreams and the eventuality of living in our own fantasies for too long.

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