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Tan Wan Wen

Class of 2017

Final Year Project(s)

Peeking into the World of Shyness at NTU ADM Portfolio

In a tell-all society where outgoing individuals appear to be socially preferred, shy individuals are expected to build up their confidence and to ‘get out of their shell’. However, the difficulties that they face is more than just being tongue-tied but a series continuous struggle of of self-evaluation, self-criticism and self-consciousness. The lack of empathy for shy individuals often results in the misunderstanding and lack of emotional support for them, leaving to fend for themselves in a world where outgoing characteristics are socially preferred. It does not help that shy individuals experience constant self-doubt and back away from what they fear.

Through the use of storytelling and illustrations, this project allows the viewer to take a peek into the world of a shy individual through her struggles as well as her ability to handle shyness in a series 3 illustrated books.

Selected Coursework(s)

Mind Factory at NTU ADM Portfolio

Mind Factory (2016)

To daydream is to create stories.
Stories from imagination, experience, desires, fears.
Extracting from these areas, the mind creates the story and plays it out. It works like a factory
whereby different departments work together to form a final product.
The daydream is the product of the mind.

This work is a representation of the mind at work when creating a story. It shows the back-end production, with little creatures managing the production.