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Fong Hin Wai

Class of 2018

Final Year Project(s)

Conscious Sitting at NTU ADM Portfolio

The increasingly sedentary lifestyle of the modern society has led to many cases of pains and aches on the body. However, we are not aware of incorrect postures and lack of movement in our sitting routine until the strain requires medical attention. This chair is designed to challenge sitters to balance their body and to urge them to change their postures consciously. The final design outcome is intended to accommodate both Occidental and Oriental sitting styles.

Mindful Sitting - BALANCE Stool at NTU ADM Portfolio

With the increasingly prevalent use of technology,
movement seems to be missing from our
increasingly sedentary lifestyle. The purpose of
this project is to let users work with the Balance
stool to achieve a better sitting posture as they try
to find the most stable position. Balancing on the
furniture will introduce ‘bearable discomfort’ to
the users, encouraging users to take a short
break after sitting for a period of time. In doing so,
the chances of experiencing pains and aches
caused by muscle strain due to prolonged sitting
will be reduced. By rotating the chair on its sides
will allow for two modes of sitting, the Occidental
chair sitting mode and the Oriental floor sitting