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Lau Sin Yee

Class of 2018

Final Year Project(s)

起立, Class: Please Rise! at NTU ADM Portfolio

起立, Class: Please Rise! is a mobile game application for pre-schoolers who are about to enrol in Primary 1. Its aim is to enable students to have fun learning the Chinese language. It focuses on teaching complicated Chinese characters using sound and visual mnemonics with augmented reality (AR) technology that will introduce the players to recognise, read, and to write. With AR and unique animation, pre-schoolers are observed to be more engaged than in actual Chinese language class, hence by the end of the game, they are able to read, write and understand the characters.

The transition from pre-school to primary school can be difficult, hence Class Stand is designed to reduce stress by familiarizing students with Chinese characters taught in the MOE’s Primary 1 Chinese Textbook (欢乐伙伴 1A).