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Soh Wan Qing

Class of 2018

Final Year Project(s)

Hawker Centres Re-imagined at NTU ADM Portfolio

For many in Singapore, hawker centers are our kitchen and dining room, it is a source of comfort and an important element to our identity as Singaporeans. While we love and appreciate our hawker centers, we are often confronted by cringe worthy observations, such as pest infesting the tray return areas. These observations eventually led me to this project which aims to reconsider and explore how a universal design methodology could enhance our experiences in Hawker Centers and meet the changing needs of its’ users.

Hawker Centers Re-imagined at NTU ADM Portfolio

A hawker center accommodates a group of stalls selling a variety of cooked food in a sheltered and open complex with a common seating area for its customers. Its’ convenience, affordability and quality of food are the primary reasons why hawker centers continue to draw crowds today.

Hawker Centers are also the social leveler in Singapore where people of different backgrounds gather together. For many of us, it is the kitchen, dining and living room in our lives. However, a wide target audience results in a wide range of needs and wants. This project aims to reconsider what a new hawker center experience could be like and engage in a universal design methodology to meet the changing wants of its’ customers.