Tiffanie Tan Hsiang Yuin

Class of 2018

Final Year Project(s)

Hand in Hand at NTU ADM Portfolio

Commuting for the visually impaired is a complex process, needing to consider much route planning, a heavy reliance on active listening during the journey process, repetition of these for each trip and most importantly, their own safety. For each trip, their independent mobility is also restricted to the accessibility and curfew of spaces, which can be as ordinary as the audible pedestrian signals in traffic lights. In addition, recreational activities such as running and cycling become tasks that visually impaired members are unable to do without a companion. These little barriers can create significant differences in the excursion patterns between a regular person and a visually impaired person.


“Hand in Hand” is a project that delves into the detailed, small but significant inconveniences encountered by Singapore’s low vision community as they interact with open spaces. It seeks to provide a platform that bridges low vision individuals with members of the public, so as to help ease the barriers in daily life. It also serves to educate members of the public on how to assist low vision members through personal interaction.

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