Chua Jia Yi Valerie

Class of 2018

Final Year Project(s)

Deafening Dialects at NTU ADM Portfolio

Over the years, with every generation of Singaporeans, there is a growing decline in the usage of dialects and it may eventually die out. Language plays an integral role in preserving our heritage as well as an important component of our cultural roots. The loss of dialects would inevitably mean the loss of an important part of our cultural roots. 

Deafening Dialects is a project that seeks to highlight the importance of identifying our ethnic roots through our heritage language. By drawing light to the problem of younger generation Singaporeans not being able to speak or understand dialect and highlighting the mistaken perceptions Singaporeans have towards dialects, this project aims to encourage younger generations of Singaporeans to start learning to speak and embrace their own dialect as part of their ethnic roots and recognise the importance of their heritage language.

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