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Jeth Heng Guan Seng

Class of 2018

Final Year Project(s)

Paper Roof at NTU ADM Portfolio

Paper Roof is a short film about two young sisters running away from home to build a cardboard house together. Our film highlights the intricacy of sisterly relationships and sees the world through the eyes of the children, and how they take things into their own hands when faced with family problems.

下一班車 The Next Train at NTU ADM Portfolio

Fragments of existence stuck in a joint commute.

Where are we actually heading to?

A Girl struggles to reconcile with memories of her parents’ divorce as she visits a train station from her past.

一瞬間 A Fleeting Moment at NTU ADM Portfolio

Entrapped by memories of a decade lost to them, two ex-lovers meet by chance in her hometown. Time seems to have stopped since then, allowing them a chance to pick up where they left off.