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Bae Soo Min

Class of 2019

Final Year Project(s)

Acnedotes at NTU ADM Portfolio

Project Acnedotes seeks to peel the layer of comfort to reveal the discomfort we may feel in our own skin. The discomfort will be manifested by a skin condition named acne vulgaris. Similar to how discomfort is often overlooked, acne is considered as a normal stage people go through at some point in their lives, thus regarded as a minor issue. Yet its influence on their quality of life and body image is prevalent to this day.

As a form of discursive design, this project aims to resonate to the people who are, at some levels, uncomfortable with their skin. In fact, the name Acnedotes is a wordplay on both “anecdote” and “antidote”: serving as a collection of personal stories and experiences about acne, which may in turn be a remedy for not only oneself but also for others in the community.