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Zhou Yang

Class of 2019

Final Year Project(s)

Wayfinding at NTU ADM Portfolio

Wayfinding is an interactive narrative piece that seeks to understand the value of information in this age of technology. By providing participants with the experience of interacting with information through analogue means, they will appreciate the process of information creation which is diluted by the convenience brought forward by technology. It hopes to bring a refreshing perspective of information creation to the audience by exposing them to the possibilities of analogue forms of information provided.

Wayfinding at NTU ADM Portfolio

“Wayfinding” is an interactive social mapping project that provides opportunities for participants to experience the city through analog information. With the meteoric rise of social media, the novel experience gained from exploring a new location is deteriorating due to the ease of obtaining information. Hence, the project questions the convenience of technology and its effects on people about their perception of the city. Through a series of hands-on activities that participants partake, they will receive and create analog information based on their own interpretation of the area. With each participant having their own inputs and experiences, the project aims to reexamine how a city is define based on the perspectives gathered from different people.