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Qin Yu Ng

Class of 2019

Final Year Project(s)

Nelle at NTU ADM Portfolio

This project deals with how our obsession with staying busy in today’s workaholic society led us to criticise ‘time wasting’ behaviours at work. 

NELLE is an endearing work companion for young desk-bound office employees working in highly stressful work environment. Inspired by our interactions with cute, fluffy animals and how they benefit us psychologically, NELLE is an exploration into design solutions that alleviate workplace stress and add colour to office life.

Users will be able to create snippets of happy and relaxing moments with NELLE, that will serve to temporarily distract and relieve workers during stressful situations. The visual, sound and tactile experience are carefully curated, inspired from the power of cuteness, to stimulate the happiness centers of our brain. The product aims to relieve stress and reinvigorate office employees, reminding them of human’s inherent need for simple pleasure and encouraging them to take a breather from time to time.