Tan Wei Ming

Class of 2020

Final Year Project(s)

Degrease at NTU ADM Portfolio

The hawker food culture is one of the most distinct and well-known part of Singapore’s identity. However, most of the dishes in the hawker centres are unhealthy as they contain high amounts of fat and salt.

Degrease is an innovative plate design that makes hawker food less greasy. Each plate has hundreds of hexagon holes that separate the excess oil from the food. Each plate reduces up to 11ml of grease which is approximately 91 calories. The plate comes in two different design (flat & protruding) and size (205mm & 225mm) for the different types of hawker food. Moreover, the protruding design gives diner an illusion that there is more food, making them believe they have eaten more than actual. The depth and size of the hexagon holes are carefully designed for easy washing. Let us decrease our calories intake by using Degrease.

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