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Preparing your project submission

Below are the content required for each project submission. More detailed instructions will be provided in the form.

Creator(s) Information

  • Full name, NTU username and key roles played* of each student
  • Group name, if any*
  • Teaching faculty (for coursework) or supervisor(s) for Final Year Projects (FYP)

* Applicable for group submission only

Project Description

  • Title of project
  • Abstract or summary of what your project is about
  • Keywords or phrases that describe or interprets the topic(s) your project expresses
  • Material(s) or medium used n the project, if applicable
  • Dimensions or duration of your project, if applicable

Images and Video

  • One featured image. The image should be compressed to web resolution with a width of at least 1024px and height of no more 800px.
  • Additional images to complement your project submission. Images can include video stills, screenshots, drawings to highlight processes, etc. Images should be in web resolution and have a width of at least 1024px.
  • Print-ready images that represent your project for the Gradshow catalogue (only applicable for FYP submission). The images should be in high-resolution and uploaded to a file sharing site, such as WeTransfer. Provide the URL to download the images in the form.
  • Film trailer or video to complement your project submission. Provide the URL to video trailer or video content hosted on YouTube or Vimeo preferably. Video hosted on other platforms can be provided with an embed code.

Steps to submit your projects to ADM Portfolio

  1. Login to ADM Portfolio using your NTU username and password provided (or click Login on the top left corner).
  2. Go to Create Profile from the top menu. Complete the form to create your profile.
  3. Go to Submit Project from the top menu. Complete the form to submit your project.

For group submission, ALL group members are required to create their profiles (Step 2) but only ONE member is required to submit the project on behalf of the group. In the project submission form, select “Group” as submission type, include a group name if any, and indicate the names and roles of each member.

Please read our Community Guidelines for appropriate use of ADM Portfolio. For any further enquiries or concerns, feel free to contact NTU Libraries – New Media Group at