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 What is DODO?

DODO shall be a government-initiated magazine that supplements The Straits Times, Zao Bao and Today. Additionally DODO is found in shops, restaurants and cafes like current magazines I-S, Juice, Catalogue. In short, DODO is a free monthly publication and is easily available to you. The logo of DODO shows an image of a Dodo Bird leaving behind “four eggs” which can be interpreted as Dodo, the name of the bird or Do-Do, meaning a call for action. This lighthearted imagery is actually a play on irony because we all know the Dodo Bird is an extinct animal yet now it has left behind eggs waiting to be hatched. This represents the brand new life, a sustainable lifestyle that you, the readers of DODO might be inspired to adopt.

Process and More Details

Inspiration for DODO

Some legends have a timeless quality because they transcend time and culture. Legend of Ana Kola (the orphans) explains the origin of the beads used for making Lawo butu(above), a ceremonial tubular skirt worn by the Ngada women in Flores, Indonesia. It is a simple story about human greed and over-consumption, which is a pressing issue even in our society today.

I have always been a pretty idealistic individual and my interests lie in real-life issues. I often thought about how Singapore is deemed a First World Country, yet in turns of green-initiatives, we are lagging far behind. Just count the number of plastic bags you received from NTUC the last time you went shopping. Can you ever finish using them for your trash? What about the countless shopping malls we have, nearly one next to every MRT station… and they are always crowded. We are a nation of consumers so much so that a typical Singaporean’s hobbys are eating and shopping.

I wanted my project to address this over-consumption behavior of our people.

DODO animation film/ awareness campaign

This animation narrates the Legend of Ana Kola. This is a voice of a common man, not a professional voice artist and hand-drawn graphics are chosen for the execution style to further emphasize the “down-to-earth” nature of DODO.

In each issue of DODO, it addresses different environmental problems faced in the world and more specifically by Singaporeans. DODO serves to highlight the work of various individuals and organizations. They’re the creative, courageous folks who have taken the less-trampled path without compromise, they will share with you their stories and latest happenings, welcoming anyone with a “keen to be green” mentality to join them in their pursuits for a more sustainable living. In DODO’s pages you’ll meet filmmakers, entrepreneurs, photographers, architects, performers, writers… Their inspiring tales are brought to life by cutting edge design and stunning photography on 100% recycled paper!

DODO twitter page

DODO tweets about the latest “green” happenings in town. They range from alternative Shark fin soup recipes to Really Really Free Markets. All in the name of sustainable living!

If you can’t get enough of DODO for the month or missed any issue of DODO, just tune in to DODO’s blog.

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March 27, 2015

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