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Dovetail Tray

Abstract or Summary of Project


In this work, I am very inspired by the Thai traditional inlay and ornamentation. The pattern represents the temple, which relates to the Thai culture and society. The intersecting curves and sharp edges is an abstraction of the top of the temple.

Material’s significance

The technique of inlay is one of Thailand’s significance ornamentation method. The material and technique indicates hierarchical material and social status. It is normally inlaid with mother of pearl because of its beautiful iridescent colour. In this work I selected the to use a combination of metallic spray paint on acrylic to represent the ornamentation in a contemporary way.


This work is designed to be an object of everyday use. The pattern of the temple presents a reminder of Buddhist belief. Moreover, the ornamentation is meant to be appreciated as it ages and to showcase the artistry of Asian craftsmanship. It is intended to be placed in a prominent, frequently accessed location and for the purpose of keeping important objects, like as a wallet, a phone or a key.


This tray is a combination of traditional techniques with a contemporary twist in its pattern design. The pattern contains a Thai belief in Buddhism through the abstract image of temple. The grains of the wood signify the heavens and supernatural. Because it is an everyday object, I hope the box will remind the person to be mindful through out the day.


Posted on

March 24, 2016