Fido First Aid

Abstract or Summary of Project

Although every dog parent knows the importance of being prepared for emergency situations they tend to neglect safety education such as Canine First Aid and CPR. The significance of this life-saving expertise is only understood when their Fido all of a sudden encounters an emergency. Mishaps can occur anytime however, in the event that you are prepared, the serious crisis can be averted. With the rising number of dog owners and the lack of awareness about Canine First Aid and CPR in Singapore, I strongly felt that this issue should be prioritised and tended to.

Fido First Aid is a research and design project that aims to explore graphic strategies to develop Canine First Aid and CPR awareness among dog owners in Singapore. It aims to develop a cohesive visual system, enabling the visibility and accessibility of resources to dog owners during a fido emergency.

The exploration of design approaches were based on the mindset of the canine first aid user during an emergency and will be applied to minimise time and expand effectiveness. Dog owners will then be able to familiarise themselves with fundamental skills to handle a Fido crisis confidently.

Link(s) to FYP Report in DR-NTU (Restricted to NTU Access)
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