The Art of Gifting

Abstract or Summary of Project

The Art of Gifting celebrates Christmas in a whole new way.

As the year will soon come to a close and usher in the brand new year, merry children would be getting ready for a new start to the school year. For the families and friends we know, your gift could go a long way in support of a child’s educational welfare.

This year we would like to invite you to get in on being a part of our first Christmas campaign — The Art of Gifting. Hoisting several Christmas trees where you can find in the city, we put together the needs and wishes of our local communities and invite you to be creative in your giving. The Christmas tree will be ornamented with the needs and wishes written on individual tags and here is where it all starts! Handpick the need or wish you would like to gift.



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November 14, 2016

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