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Harvest of a Keen Eye

Abstract or Summary of Project

Print | Illustration | Book design

Harvest of a Keen Eye is an initiative targeted at improving visual perception in preschool children. With vision as our primary sense of learning, the ability to discern visually plays a crucial role in education and early childhood development. To maximise the potential of visual experience, it requires adequate practice of retrieving and interpreting visual information all around us. Thus, a series of interactive storytelling fused with stimulating visual activities are introduced in this project to cultivate interest in visual perceptual learning, bringing meaning to the technical aspects of vision training.

Deliverables: Interactive Picture Book, Explanation Booklet, Interactive Poster


Interactive Picture Book:

– Visual Discrimination Exercise –
Storyline: “There in the forest of trees and flowers, a spider was born.”

– Visual Closure Exercise-
Storyline: He made friends, friends who were like him and… friends who were not like him.”

– Visual Motor Integration Exercise –
Storyline: “He stood in awe of the new found beauty, but it turns out to be something not quite right!”

– Spatial Relations Exercise –
Storyline: As soon as the sun is up, the spider was ready to go. Keep your hopes high, the rays beamed brightly at him.”

Explanation Booklet:

Concept of hope: “Hope has the power to bring life beyond its existing state…everything is temporary if we stay permanent in hope…”

Definitions: Figure-ground discrimination, Visual Motor-Integration and Visual closure

Explanations and answers: Spreads 12 to 15

Character Design:

3-D rendering of the spider character

Genus: Matarus Volans (Peacock spider)

Exhibition Display/ Interactive Poster:

Displaying Interactive Poster with visual perceptual skills, Interactive Picture BookExplanation Booklet, Illustration Portfolio and the spider character

Link(s) to FYP Report in DR-NTU (Restricted to NTU Access)

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May 17, 2015