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Abstract or Summary of Project

This piece explores the primal relationship that humans had with weather phenomena. Unable to explain the formidable forces of nature. humans conjured up various myths, legends, gods and other unworldly supernatural theories to create meaning for thunder. lighting, rain. and wind. The central motif of the pointing is the mythological “God of Cloud and Wind”, Nuygnef based on my imagination and reference from the Navajo sky god Ahsonnutli.

Nuygnef powers and balances the weather system of the world. movements of winds and clouds. At the bottom of the composition is the “Sun God”, ‘Nus‘, which drives weather movements. Right at the top is the “God of Moon”, ‘Euy‘, which is believed to influence weather patterns. The gods has a central eye with the idea given by the term ‘eye of the storm’.

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August 28, 2014